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We want to enable healthcare facilities to establish a proper clinical engineering department to deliver safe and effective care to patients in an affordable manner and establish an affordable web based computerized maintenance management system which would provide fast, reliable, informed and consistently high quality solution in Healthcare field which will help hospitals to deliver high quality healthcare delivery.


iCMMS is a computerized database designed to optimize the management of maintenance activities in an organization. It is an orderly and systematic approach to planning, organizing, monitoring and evaluating maintenance activities and their costs. It is a management tool for planning and budgeting of equipment maintenance (routine, breakdown, preventive and predictive), capital repairs and equipment replacement activities.

A good iCMMS coupled with knowledgeable and capable maintenance work force can prevent problems related to equipment health, safety and environment deterioration. The iCMMS also ensures that the organization maximizes the available maintenance resources it has at a facility, minimizes the operational downtime of its equipment, reduces the overall maintenance costs within the organization, improves the quality of the management decisions, helps in the verification of the regulatory compliance, and extends the life of the equipment at the facility. It also contributes into lowering of capital costs and improvement in quality of life. CMMS automates most of the functions performed by the maintenance personnel in an organization and hence improve their effectiveness and optimizes the manpower.


  • Eliminates a major percentage of the paperwork
  • Eliminates the manual tracking activities
  • Makes the maintenance personnel and related employees more productive and improves the efficiencies of maintenance and related activities
  • Makes available all the relevant information to the maintenance manager as well as to the management for taking decisions
  • Helps in detection of impending problem before a failure occurs. This in turn reduces the unexpected failures
  • Helps in achievement of a higher level of planned maintenance activities that enables a more efficient use of resources
  • Helps in inventory control by enabling better spare parts and consumables forecasting
  • This helps avoidance of maintaining an over inventory besides elimination of shortages
  • Helps in optimum equipment performance that reduces downtime and results into longer equipment life


Preventive maintenance

Preventative maintenance (PM) is maintenance that is regularly performed on a piece of equipment to lessen the likelihood of it failing. Preventative maintenance is performed while the equipment is still working, so that it does not break down unexpectedly. • Automatic PM update
• Scheduling PM ( Quarterly/Half/Yearly)
• Cost calculation
• Upload PM report as PDF
• Daily PM Report Sheet

Complaint Management

A Complaint Management System is one of latest productivity enhancement tools used widely by all organizations wherever there is a need of booking of complaints via operators and analysis of complaints which are made or are pending. • Status showing (Pending, ongoing and completed)
• Response time & completion time
• Report upload


Dash board is a user interface that gives a current summary, graphically, easy-to-read form, of key information relating to progress and performance • All equipment, Organization name, supplier details
• Graphical representation of whole system
• Automatic AMC, CMC and Warranty date alert
• Automatic PM and calibration schedule alert and Management

Asset management

Asset management is a systematic process of deploying, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets cost-effectively. The term is most commonly used in the financial world to describe people and companies that manage investments on behalf of others. • Customized machine profile
• Upload PDF files
• Automatic QR code generation to stick on to machine
• Total machine history
• Total down time
• Total repair cost

User module

User Management is an authentication feature that provides administrators/Managers with the ability to identify and control the state of users logged into modified the system Manager user: complete privilege
Engineer user: medium privilege
Normal user : Complaint registering users


The powerful reporting tools built into the iCMMS make getting access to the data that you need fast and nearly effortless. Reports provide summary data, and high configurability, making the data you are collecting work for you. • Total Downtime
• Complaint monitoring
• Total Cost
• PDF files
• User friendly interface



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